PLEASE! PLEASE! Tell me where is this fun restaurant!

Discover why so many restaurants, hotels, shops and department stores trust Dreamtronic to increase their customer frequency, visit rate and duration.

A Kids Friendly solution for 1.6 pence/kid/month?!​

Discover why so many restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, airports and department stores trust Dreamtronic to increase their attendance (customer return rate and duration of stay).​

More than 500 establishments trust Dreamtronic! Why?

Because what makes you exceptional is how well you welcome your clients and how much you care about them!

Our solutions allow increasing your customer frequency by 25%.

👉 Swifty Games, has been played by more than 80 million players with 22 million games played in 10 years.

Spoiling children thanks to our modern and digital game devices.
Install Swifty Games and become the host, who welcomes families with open arms, providing great entertainment for children.


The price of excitement

A unique and outstanding welcome for an average cost per child and per month of 17 pence. Your customer comes back! Pampering the youngest can increase the clientele by around 25%. No doubt, children and more broadly, families are a lever for development and should not be overlooked.

In 22% of cases, the child chooses the restaurant for the family!

Swifty Touch - 8 players game table brings happiness to kids - swifty-games.com by Dreamtronic


The table Football of the futur

Our touch screen concept allows up to 8 players for the table and 2 for the wall at the same time with a minimum footprint. They fit into your available space.
Offer your youngest users the unforgettable experience of table football of the future and multiplayer pinball.
Stand out from your competitor thanks to a unique experience that we have perfected for more than 10 years.


Because your welcome makes your difference

The huge playground is customizable with your colors/logo, to provide your customers with a unique experience at your brand.


Because your welcome is your difference

The immense playground can be tailored to your own colors and logo, to provide to your customers an experience specific to your brand.

A complete range of products

Our range of touch screens is aimed at all public-facing brands: restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, stores, supermarkets, opticians, pharmacies, etc.

Swifty Touch

THE touchscreen gaming table for 1 to 8 simultaneous players.

Swifty Wall

THE touch wall screen  for 1 to 2 simultaneous players.

They trust us

“Since we installed Swifty Touch in our restaurant, family clientele has been coming back because the children don't want to go elsewhere.”

Jacques M.
“We just opened our restaurant, and the only thing clients talk about is not even the food, but the Swifty Touch table!”

Jade S.
“A big thank you for this great collaboration. Children are delighted, as well as parents with this entertainment table.”

Charles P.
“Thank you for the installation in our hospital. The table is gorgeous and seeing smiles on the children's faces is a beautiful reward. A big thank you for your professionalism and kindness.”

Séverine L.

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