Swifty Wall EN

Swifty Wall

A unique gaming experience for the youngest children in the form of a touchscreen up to 2 players.

Swifty-Wall is a touchscreen game wall for up to 2 players, made for intensive use.

With no floor space, Swifty Wall adapts to your waiting room, hallway etc.

Swifty Wall all-inclusive includes a connected touch screen and a customizable interface with your logo.

Average gaming time per player: 20 minutes (statistics obtained from 250 walls).

The strengths

• Reliable (intervention rate less than 0.5%). • Simple to install and maintain. • Simple and quick cleaning, hygiene preserved. • No floor space with the possibility of 2 players at the same time. • Available in several sizes: small, medium, XXL. • Exclusive console-quality 3D games created in our studio. • Large game catalogue to choose from your administration interface. • Customizable to the colours of your brand and logo on the home screen.

The strengths

• Big wall playground (with full or split screen). • Personalizable to the colors of your brand.  • Several sizes available: small, medium, XXL • Wide games catalog that you can manage from your admin portal. • An entertaining and varied content thanks to our games packs created by our teams.

Swifty Wall Games

Children 4 to 7 years old, exclusive games for 1 to 2 players at the same time.

Twin Fish

Goal: tap on the fishes to make pairs and earn points. Decor: bottom of the sea. Action: tap with your fingers on the fishes. Difficulty: easy. Nb players: 1 to 2. Age : from 4.

Speedy Race

Goal: « drive» the race car on your side of the road by putting your finger on it and following the road track. The winner is the one who reaches the finish line first. Decor: a crooked track. Action: drag the car with your fingers to make it move forward. Difficulty: medium. Nb players: 1 to 2. Age : from 4.

Hidden Eggs

Goal: tap on the hidden objects to grab them. Decor: a magic kingdom. Action: tap with your fingers. Difficulty: easy. Nb players: 1 to 2. Age : from 4.

Paint your Egg

Goal: colouring game. Paint the eggs with the right color. Decor: a coloured garden. Action: use your fingers as brushes. Difficulty: easy. Nb players: 1 to 2. Age : from 4.

And many more games in our catalog...

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