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Swifty Touch

The table football of the future in the form of a touch table.

Swifty Touch is the first multiplayer touch game table designed to upgrade and dust off the reception of children in your store.

It offers a unique experience for 1 to 8 players at the same time, up to 6 players on the specially designed table for persons with limited mobility, thanks to its colourful modern interface.


Families will spend an unforgettable moment in your venue and the children will make new friends thanks to you.


Average gaming time per player: 30 minutes (statistics based on 500 tables).

The strengths

• Reliable (intervention rate less than 1%). • Simple to install and maintain. • Simple and quick cleaning, hygiene preserved. • Reduced footprint with the possibility of 8 players at the same time. • Exclusive console-quality 3D games created in our studio. • Large catalogue of games that you can choose from your administration interface. • Exists in several sizes depending on the space available and in a version specially designed for persons with limited mobility. • Customizable to the colours of your brand and logo in the centre of the screen.

The strengths

• Limitless playground, tailored to your brand. • Our exclusive games, of console grade, are designed in our games studio and offer the best of 3D quality. • Several sizes available, to fit the room available, and available for persons with reduced mobility. • Multi player mode (up to 8). • Wide games catalog, that you can manage from your admin portal. • An entertaining and varied content, thanks to the games pack created by our teams.

Swifty Touch games

Four our children (8 to 14 years old), exclusive games for 1 to 8 players at the same time.

Soccer Coaching

Type: move, speed Decor: a football field Goal: move your avatar to stop the balls! Pitch: “Professor Candy Raton has organized a special football challenge. 8 cages on the same field and balls are flooding. Protect you cage, but beware to not touch the ugly balls! ” A reflex and speed game that accelerates as it goes on!

Jump the Beams

Type: jump/timing Decor : landfield Goal: jump at the right time to earn points! Pitch: during an outing in the country side, the students found a surprising magic crystal. By being too close, they triggered powerful light rays and had to take refuge on rocks. The students will have to jump at the right time if they want to stay unharmed. But will they be smart enough to swarth those traps?

Glowing into Darkness

Type: hippo-gluttons-like Decor : river Goal: click on the carnivorous plant to make her swallow fireflies. The more she eats, the bigger she becomes! Pitch: "Botanic courses are boring... except when one has to deal with carnivorous plants! The little monsters love to play with the diones in the green house. And it all quickly becomes a contest…”

Hell's Kitchen

Type: defense / aiming Decor: dining hall Goal: protect your character against the purée attacks and direct the projectiles to earn points! Pitch: “Incredible, the cauldron content just came to life! The Chef messed up again… Here is a new occasion for our young heroes to have fun again.” A true purée battle right in the middle of the dining hall!

And many more games in our catalog...

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